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Coronavirus Update 6-May-2020
    1. Roger Bailey has agreed to be temporary Chair until someone volunteers for the post or the next AGM, whichever comes soonest
    2. If you wish to put your name forward to be our Chair please let us know asap.
    3. The Trustees have decided we should have a post of Vice Chair in case of further Covid issues. Margaret Howard has agreed to be the Vice Chair. This will be made formal at our next AGM but is in place now.
    4. The Trustees are “meeting” monthly by email and voting forms.
    5. Margaret Howard has agreed to run the Thursday classes when we return.
    6. When the Government announces their way out of Lockdown this Sunday your Trustees will discuss the implications for HEARTBEAT and advise you accordingly if it changes how we operate.
    1. If you are having problems during Lockdown or Shielding let us know and we can see what can be done to help you.
    2. Need a friendly voice to talk to? We have volunteer members who will call you as often as you want.
    3. Just let us know and we will do our best to help.
  3. SCAMS

    This scam information was extracted from the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Newsletter giving information on fraudsters and scams linked to the Coronavirus pandemic. Please take a couple of minutes to read as it could save you money. For more information click here.

    1. Scams that are trending at the moment in West Yorkshire.
      1. Fraudulent emails sent to organisations stating they have qualified for the sum of $200,000.00 from the World Health Organization relief fund.
      2. Automated Scam messages from fraudsters claiming to be Amazon Prime, the call states that a trial membership was about to expire and they would be deducting £34 from your bank account.
      3. Phishing emails offering the sale of testing kits and face masks.
    2. Scams Trending Regionally & Nationally.
      1. Travel scams on the increase as fraudsters purport to be from travel companies, tour operators and insurers are offering to rebook or refund cancelled holidays.
      2. Fake text messages claiming to be from Natwest Bank- Customers have reported receiving a messaging stating that they have updated banking information and tells you to click the link in the text, the link takes you to a site where fraudsters will steal banking information.
      3. Supermarket Voucher scams are being shared widely on Social Media sites. Fraudsters are claiming to be offering food vouchers for families in need to spend in stores.
    1. We have lost members to COVID-19 and other health issues. The Trustees have decided to wait until we are back together before doing something in memory of all that have been lost.
    2. Is there anything you would like us to do during this period?
      1. A plaque
      2. A seat
      3. A memorial garden
      4. A special Afternoon Tea
    3. Nearer the time we will ask Members to vote on what we should do.
    4. In the meantime our thoughts are with the family and friends of those who have lost loved ones no matter what the cause.
    1. The HEARTBEAT annual membership fee is due by the end of June. You can pay by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque (contact Roger Bailey for details). Please put your “name and membership” in any reference field.
    2. If you cannot pay by the end of June, do not worry, we will wait until classes recommence. Please let us know by email that you wish to remain a member.
    3. If you no longer wish to be a member of HEARTBEAT please let us know asap.
    1. If you booked with Lesley to go to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular in winter this year, please get in contact with Margaret Howard and not Lesley’s family. (Contact Roger Bailey for details if needed.)
    2. The coach trips below have been cancelled:
      1. 6 July – Seaside Mystery Trip
      2. 10 August – Liverpool Albert Dock
      3. Star have suspended all coach trips and will let us know when they start again and how they will meet Government guidelines on safe travel.

Stay safe


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