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Coronavirus Update 26-May-2020
    1. The Government have announced no changes to their policies that would allow us to reopen classes or walks.
    2. We do not expect to be able to start opening before July. When we can, it will be different to our normal classes and walks with us having to meet Social Distancing rules.
      1. Walks will have to be where paths are wide enough to pass safely (2 metres +), limiting the places we can walk.
      2. Classes will be without any equipment to minimise cross contamination.
      3. The exercise area will be marked out with 2 metre spots on the floor.
      4. We may have to provide face masks, hand sanitiser etc.
    3. We have collected all of Lesley Slater's paperwork from her home and have dealt with any outstanding matters.
    1. Please let us know if any Member is unwell, in hospital or going in to hospital, so our Membership Secretary, Pam Lunn can make contact with them.
    2. Lesley Slater used to make most of our cards. Several members have stepped in ( Mary Mitchell, Sylvia Sowray, Margaret Howard) to make the cards. Lesley’s daughter Sam has passed on her stock of craft items which has been distributed to Members.

    Calderdale has one of the lowest rates of the virus per 100,000 of population in England. Of the 150 English Councils, Calderdale is 138th lowest.

    Position out of 150AreaCasesPer 100k
    76Kingston upon Hull, City of682261.7
    77East Riding of Yorkshire875257.6
    108North Yorkshire1,271206.8

    1. We have continued the Lottery Game during the closure.
    2. We are emailing the results and payments to those members in the Lottery separately to this email.
    3. Any winnings during the closure will be used to pay for entries or paid by cheque or held over until classes start.
    1. If you are having problems during Lockdown or Shielding let us know and we can see what can be done to help you.
    2. Need a friendly voice to talk to? We have volunteer members who will call you as often as you want.
    3. Just let us know and we will do our best to help.
    4. The BHF have lots of information on the Coronavirus and you heart / health condition.
      Visit coronavirus-and-your-health .
    1. Angela has kept adding to her videos on YouTube. We know many are following her. If you want to join in with her classes then click here.
  7. SCAMS

    This scam information was extracted from the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Newsletter giving information on fraudsters and scams linked to the Coronavirus pandemic. Please take a couple of minutes to read as it could save you money. For more information click here.

    1. Scams that are trending at the moment in West Yorkshire.
      1. An increase in fraud involving the sale of pets on-line. Whilst in lock down, many people have been purchasing pets on-line. We have had several reports of non-delivery and price increases after agreements to buy for both cats and dogs.
      2. Reports of fake text messages from fraudsters purporting to be NHS England. The messages urge consumers to self isolate until mid June and to provide them with personal information. Other reports of scam callers (again purporting to be from the NHS) stating they will come and 'collect' an older person for COVID-19 testing. Ohter reports of scam texts about women being overdue cervical screening.
      3. Reports of TV licence phishing emails and scam calls. Fraudsters contating consumers over 75 stating they must now pay a licence fee.
      4. Reports of a scam phone call from fraudsters purporting to be from DWP. The phone call stated there was a problem with their national insurance number, personal information was requested so they could 'update their system'.
    2. Scams Trending Regionally & Nationally.
      1. EasyJet data breach: Phishing emails to be expected as 9 million customer details are stolen. EasyJet have stated "Anybody who has ever purchased an EasyJet flight is advised to be extremely wary when opening emails from now on."
      2. Fake PPE adverts still increasing – be mindful of where you buy these products from, potential suppliers may not be able to demonstrate the products meet safety standards or other claims they make.
    1. The HEARTBEAT annual membership fee of £5 is due by the end of June. You can pay as detailed below. Please put your "name and Membership" in the reference field.
    2. If you cannot pay by the end of June, do not worry, we will wait until classes recommence. Please let us know by email that you wish to remain a member.
    3. If you no longer wish to be a member of HEARTBEAT please let us know asap.

    You can pay by:

    1. Bank Transfer, put your “name and Membership” in the space provided:
      Nat West Bank: Huddersfield branch, 8 Market Place, HUDDERSFIELD, HD1 2AL
      Account name: Heartbeat the Brighouse Heart Support Group
      Sort code: 53-61-07
      AccountNo: 61409138
    2. PayPal, via our website Home Page. Put your "name and Membership" in the space provided
    3. By cheque made to HEARTBEAT, send to:
      HEARTBEAT, 51 Upper Hall View, Northowram, HALIFAX, HX3 7ET
    1. If you booked with Lesley to go to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular in winter this year, please get in contact with Margaret Howard and not Lesley’s family. (Contact Roger Bailey for details if needed.)

Stay safe and hopefully we will be back together sooner than later.


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