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Coronavirus Update 15-Jul-2020
    1. The Government has announced Gyms (which includes us) can re-open from 25 July
    2. Our first classes could therefore be on Tuesday 28 July
    3. Your Trustees are to discuss the re-opening next Monday 13 July.
      1. We have to consider the safety of Members, Trustees on duty and the safe handling of monies
      2. We will need to purchase PPE and signage etc, which may take time.
      3. We are considering whether to use contactless payment.
      4. We need to discuss floor marking with the BSC.
      5. Tai Chi classes can be normal size because we can use the carpet to spread out to 2 metres.
      6. Exercise classes are only on the wood floor area so the numbers in each class will be 12 to 16 max. This means we will need an advance booking system to control numbers.
      7. How many classes we open will need to be assessed from early classes to avoid draining funds.
    4. As soon as we have made decisions we will let you know.
  2. WALKS
    1. The current Government Guidance is only 6 people can be on a walk, including the Walk Leader
    2. Mike Bussey has produced a draft document for the Committee to discuss.
      1. It includes safe distancing, PPE, types of walks
      2. Because of the limited numbers, an advance booking system will be essential
      3. Again we will have to assess the numbers attending to determine which walks are working
    3. As soon as we have made decisions we will let you know.
    1. Currently there are no plans to start social events
  4. SCAMS
    1. Click here for scams that are trending at the moment, including the following:
      1. Ticketing scams
      2. Tax Refund phishing scams
      3. Call blocking on your phone
    1. We have issued cheques during the Lockdown to members and suppliers
    2. Currently £947 of cheques have not been banked.
    3. If you are holding one of our cheques and don’t want to go to the bank, then you can post your cheque to your bank with a paying in slip.
      1. We have been doing this each week during Lockdown and it has worked well.
      2. Cheques are normally valid for 6 months.
    1. The current state of play is:
      • 130 members have paid for 2020/21
      • 5 Members have decided to retire
      • 13 Members have said they will pay when classes return
      • 122 still to pay /confirm they want to remain members
    2. As soon as we re-open classes the BSC Annual Membership Fees will be due.
      1. We have the funds but the amount we pay depends on how many Members we declare we have.
      2. With 122 Members yet to say whether they are renewing their HEARTBEAT membership, or paying their membership, we could overpay the BSC Fees.
      3. Please either pay your membership (details below) or advise that you are / are not renewing your membership and will pay at classes.

    You can pay by:

    1. Bank Transfer, put your Name and the word "Membership" in the space provided:
      Nat West Bank: Huddersfield branch, 8 Market Place, HUDDERSFIELD, HD1 2AL
      Account name: Heartbeat the Brighouse Heart Support Group
      Sort code: 53-61-07
      AccountNo: 61409138
    2. PayPal, via our website Home Page. Put your Name and the word "Membership" or "Lottery" in the space provided
    3. By cheque made to HEARTBEAT, send to:
      HEARTBEAT, 51 Upper Hall View, Northowram, HALIFAX, HX3 7ET
    1. The Government has revised the figures they publish. They now include Pillar 2 as well as Pillar 1 figures.
      1. Pillar 1 tests rely solely on tests at Public Health England (PHE) laboratories and NHS hospital settings to collect their data.
      2. Pillar 2 is a collaborative effort from commercial partners in England and are for tests for people in the wider population. These include drive thru tests and postal tests
    2. This means the figures have increased dramatically, so please Stay Alert, Stay Safe and Save Lives.



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